Modern-Twist Placemats

I’m not a huge placemat fan. Mainly because they don’t seem necessary, and secondly, because I rarely see any that are both earth-friendly and attractive. That said, I actually really like Modern-Twist’s take on the basic placemat.


Each Modern-Twist minimalist placemat is made from hand silk-screened, food-safe, simple to clean, silicone. The different styles range from subtle to bold, but all focus on botanical and nature inspired designs.


They even have fresh pop-art styles, appropriate for kiddos, or fun adults. Like the Matte Stephens Placemats above. My favorite thing about the Modern-Twist placemats is their ability to blend. A major issue I have with most placemats is that they scream to be seen, which takes the aesthetics of your table and dishes away. Visit Modern-Twist to see all their pretty placemat designs.

Brown Birds & Trees Placemat by Modern-Twist

Beige Plum Stream Placemat by Modern-Twist

Matte Stephens Placemats by Modern-Twist

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  1. says

    These are cute. I started using placemats last year. It helps prevent damaging your coffee table if you eat there a lot! Plus, the green ones I found for my black table add a nice accent.

  2. Jennifer says

    I never thought about these for a coffee table meal – that’s a cool plan. It’s lame to drag out a tablecloth for a small table. I never use place mats, although these are VERY tempting. I just always remember those old school place mats we had at my house when I was a kid, and I shudder. Like woven hippie, orange looking quilted things. Egad. Although, soon enough, I suppose those will be back in style.


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